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Solution Source clients use our payment technology to increase collection frequency and payment amounts by using a widely accepted, highly effective, minimally intrusive, and low cost option method. The technology works for most payments ( Insurance Company, Medical Entities, Medical Debt Collectors, Buy Here-Pay Here Automotive, Rent-to-Own, and Legal Entities). The most simple, efficient, reliable form of patient payment is via PAYROLL DEDUCTION. It is easily understood. No need for the patient to “save” until the end of the month. No credit card interest

A Unique Collection System

We provide a proven system with tools that are easy to use, highly effective, secure and private for individual consumers.

Regulates all Payments

We guarantee that, when properly implemented, it’s a “no hassle” system for Entities and consumers.Our system is compliant with existing bank and payment rules and regulations. In fact, one regulator said “this method of payment conforms to all regulations but, more importantly, it allows both the consumer and business to use a regulated 3rd party to collect and pay. A unique collection system.” Solution Source takes great pride in making the process as simple and painless as possible for all parties.

What is Solution Source?

Solution Source has perfected the Virtual Payment Account (VPA) Solution. The VPA is often called an Individual Virtual Account or IVA, is a split direct deposit account that uses a Solution Source virtual bank account. The VPA, a lock box solution, does not require a payroll slot and is automatically funded on payday. Individual accounts are swept monthly and a bulk wire with an individual consumer report is sent to the Company/Entity or the Company/Entity can access the accounts monthly via a traditional bank ACH. VPA can be used by many different companies like, Voluntary Insurance Carriers, Traditional Insurance Companies, and Medical Entities to name a few. In fact, any company collecting monthly payments of any sort can use the VPA effectively with little human interaction.

Virtual Payment Account Use Case

An Innovative Enhancement to the Voluntary Benefits Payroll Deduction Model

This solution is designed for the employer and Voluntary Insurance Carrier (Carrier) and is designed to use payroll deduction, funds collection, invoicing, invoice reconciliation, and payment submission as an all in one solution. The VPA effectively eliminates all of these functions while dramatically enhancing policy retention and lowering costs throughout the system.


Employer deducted, collected and remitted payments are becoming increasingly problematic for Carriers. Due to staffing pressures, employers are reluctant to continue setting up payroll deductions, collecting money, reconciling invoices and dispersing funds. They are also becoming unwilling to be the “middle man” between the Carrier and the policyholder when problems arise (refunds, missed work, short payment, location changes, etc.). More Payroll Accounts are lost due to “payroll hassles” than any other reason including poor representation.


The VPA solution maintains the Employee/Employer/Carrier relationship for deductions to the VPA. This system functions on a “split direct deposit” platform (no payroll slot required) that funds a Virtual Payment Account - the VPA is a lock box. To create a VPA, each Company/Entity is assigned a unique number that is analogous to a Bank Routing Number. Employees are assigned a unique account number for their premium collection. Each employee enrolls for policies as usual and agrees to allow the Direct Deposit of their premium into the VPA.


The entity benefits from the surety of regular payments created by receiving funds on the 10th of every month. Reduced payments breakage,increase revenue, decrease retreval costs and increase profit.


  • Employers are out of the collection, reconciliation, and payment process.
  • The Carrier has reduced involvement in the invoicing, reconciliation, and application of premium process.
  • Correct premium payments will not be seen or reconciled by the Carriers employees.
  • Incorrect premium (short funding) will be dealt with on an exception basis.
  • Accuracy will increase across the entire spectrum.
  • Policyholders will be treated as individuals, not as part of a group except for starting the policy in an authorized payroll group. This system also follows the Affordable Care Act directive of having the employee more involved in their own healthcare management.

Virtual Payment Account Use Case

A Unique Enhancement to a Traditional Payment Model for Insurance Companies

This is an additional solution for Insurance Companies and the payment collection process. By utilizing payroll deduction as the premium collection source, the VPA dramatically enhances policy retention for individual consumers and significantly lowers non-payment.


Policyholders are now paying through a website portal, bank account, or mail. This means that the Company has to depend on the insured to send in their premium independently every month. Many payments are late, sent in “inconsistently” or when bank accounts or credit cards are electronically accessed payment is rejected because of Non-Sufficient Funds.


The VPA solution system functions on a “split direct deposit” platform from the insured’s paycheck. The split direct deposit funds a Virtual Payment Account-the VPA is a lock box, electronically accessed by the Company to pay the premium every month. The VPA account process is somewhat analogous to the Bank Draft/EFT process that is currently used in drafting from a policy holder’s bank account. If the Company wants to continue the ACH process, the difference in the VPA is because the Company can monitor the account in real time and control the ACH amount which eliminates NSF’s. Each policyholder is assigned a unique account number for their premium collection at the time of policy delivery. The first month’s premium is gathered at policy delivery and the policyholder agrees to allow the Direct Deposit of their premium into the VPA.

The company is notified of the deductions for all insureds through the Solution Source website. Deductions are reviewed by the Agent or a designated Company specialist for discrepancies (incorrect deduction amounts, vacations, leave, laid off, FMLA. termination, etc.).

The Company can have funds swept to their bank on the 10th of the trailing premium month. This procedure of funding by the insured, weekly review by the Company, monthly release of funds from the VPA will continue as long as the policy is in force even if the employee changes jobs or retires.


The Company benefits dramatically from the increased cash flow created by receiving funds on the 10 th of every month. Policy retention increases of even a few percentage points means millions of dollars in additional business.

Virtual Payment Account Use Case

A Simple, Effective Patient Payment Solution for Revenue Cycle Management


There has been a fundamental paradigm shift in payment dynamics with Hospitals, Medical Clinics and Physician Practices (Medical Entities) now claiming ownership of the revenue cycle. In the past, Medical Entities typically managed their own revenue cycle and could count on getting paid once they sent in a claim to a payer; now, payers dictate a highly complex set of rules Medical Entities must abide by in order to get paid.

The rise in deductibles, co-pays and out of pocket maximums (which can be thousands of dollars) for patients has put a tremendous burden on healthcare providers. This is especially true when it comes to billing, collections, and the other financial tasks tied to an organization’s revenue cycle. These changes have made collecting payments exponentially more difficult but even more necessary.


Medical Entities are looking for better accounts receivable processes and are employing a host of new methods to make the collections process smoother. Most are moving to a single business office concept. These organizations are becoming more aggressive in collecting debt from patients. Those patients without insurance or who can’t pay the high deductibles are offered many ways to pay their outstanding balances including: pay the balance in full upon discharge, pay a reduced/negotiated amount at discharge, pay with a Credit Card or pay monthly through an online portal. Each of these methods is flawed and the patient rarely pays the balance in full. As a last resort, the patient can be sent to a Medical Debt Collector (MDC).


Solution Source has a widely accepted, highly effective, minimally intrusive, and low cost option for Medical Entities. The most simple, efficient, reliable form of patient payment is via PAYROLL DEDUCTION. It is easily understood. No need for the patient to “save” until the end of the month. No patient credit card interest. Many Medical Entities currently employ a “Payroll Deduction” model for their employees who have unpaid balances at their facility. They employ the system internally. Solution Source can make this system available to every payee through the Medical Payment Collector.


  • Simple, efficient, reliable form of patient payment
  • A turnkey operation for easy, simple implementation
  • No need or cost to internally develop a system
  • Can follow the patient even during job changes
  • Never an NSF for the patient since the VPA system has the capability to view the account at any time

Virtual Payment Account Use Case

A Simple, Effective Payment Solution for any Buy Here-Pay Here Business


Retailers who accept monthly payments rely on traditional payment methods – ACH draft of consumer bank account, credit card payment, or check from consumer. As a voluntary payment, all other “important” bills come first, which leads to non-payment of the retail voluntary bill for too many consumers.


The most simple, efficient, reliable form of patient payment is via PAYROLL DEDUCTION. It is easily understood. No need for the consumer to “save” until the end of the month. No consumer credit card debt/interest. The payroll deduction forms are completed online at the retailer with the consumer taking the completed form to their employer. Solution Source can make this system available to any retailer – large or small.

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